Misogyny and the Media – how it misses the point.


When we think of the Holocaust, and the Concentration Camps that stand around in the present day, as a monument of a terrible past, where thousands and millions of people were held prisoner, we hardly associate this with fashion.

Unless, Yahoo! News failed to make a terrible pun on the play on words Fashion and Fascism? Did they perhaps get the two confused in a very unlikely way? Sadly, no.

It was their intention to file it under the “Style” category of their news; which is very odd because when you read the original article, the majority of it does revolve around the Concentration Camp Stutthof and the Royal Couple Kate and William’s tour around Germany and Poland.

But then why is it filed under style?

Because, even though only a third of it truly revolves around style, the headline indicates that what Kate Middleton is wearing, is more important than her visit to Stutthof, and more important than the numerous other events and visits she does; because when we see her mentioned in the media, this is usually connected with what she is wearing rather than what she is doing.

“For the outing, Kate arrived wearing a floral two-piece by favoured label Erdem.

The fitted short-sleeved top and fit-and-flare midi skirt were paired with a pair of open-toed nude sandals by Stuart Weitzman and a clutch by Polish brand Etui.

The skirt was half price, costing £380, but has now sold out. (Thanks to the Kate effect, no doubt.)”

Available at: https://uk.yahoo.com/style/duchess-cambridge-wears-erdem-visit-nazi-concentration-camp-124953407.html (Accessed: 20 July 2017).

And sadly, this is often the case with most women figures in the media; they focus around the appearance of a woman, rather than the real case at hand. Which in this situation, is their visit to a Concentration Camp, and ultimately, to pay their respects to the victims, and the survivors, of the atrocity.

Yet, my frustration goes beyond misogyny and female fashion, because by filing the article under “Style”, they undermine the real point of the article, which is about the holocaust – it undermines they’re visit with the survivors, and it undermines the memorial of the victims. It forgets the real reason why they were visiting Stutthof in the first place, by shifting the focus to outfits and style, rather than the visit itself.

Some would claim that the reason they included the piece of style, was to soften the article, so it did not seem to sad when discussing their visit to a concentration camp.
But doesn’t this qualify as a form of unnecessary censorship? Does it not damage the way we look upon the holocaust, and not just women?

The media has a responsibility to the public, and through manipulating their angle they manipulate their readers; because the media has an effect on people, it shapes their beliefs and the way they see things: that’s why I find it worrying that they casually dismissed an article on the visit to a concentration camp, under “style”.

This is why women need better representation in the media, so we can finally start to be seen as people, rather than objects.



All gifs used via Giphy.com


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